Using Digital Dashboards to Implement and Evaluate Programs

Favorite Links

This final “Favorite Links” section includes other frequently used platforms that are utilized by the team. This

section is included to encourage the adoption of this dashboard as a homepage for the team. Many team

members have even selected this dashboard as their home page in their web browser and use it to quickly

access frequently used platforms for non-FRSAN program related tasks. As a result, the authors utilize the

dashboard multiple times a day as they navigate the wide landscape of digital tools, all of which are now

only a single mouse click away.

The next section of the data dashboard directs users and instructors to specific platforms that are utilized for

each specific mental health program. As seen in Figure 10, there are three mental health programs that are

being managed via the 2020 University of Illinois award. Each of these three mental health programs has

their own unique registration and data collection process, and this dashboard directs instructors to the

relevant platform or data tool.

Initially the event planning, delivery, marketing, and data collection processes were similar, but distinct

which complicated the collection of data and program deliverables. Now this dashboard provides a simple

path forward to a clearly defined process for each mental health program. Defining clear processes has

allowed the program team to replicate this process and simultaneously manage a second mental health

grant, which supports five mental health training programs.


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