Using Digital Dashboards to Implement and Evaluate Programs

Karen Funkenbusch, M.A.

Karen Funkenbusch is an Extension instructor in Occupational Therapy, School of Health Professions, at the University of Missouri and Nutrition, Health, and Family state specialist. Funkenbusch coordinates statewide leadership for agricultural health and safety, a University of Missouri Extension program serving the health, safety, wellness, and quality of life needs of agricultural workers and their families. Her research emphasis includes health, safety, wellness for farmers, ranchers, families, and youth.

Current research topics include Ergonomics for Women Tools and Equipment Selection, Tractor Technology Enabling Digital Agriculture Research and Education, Mental Health First Aid, Youth, Adult, Face-to-Face and Virtual, Virtual Reality (VR) 360, Tractor Safety, Development of Colorectal Rectal Cancer (CRC) Screening Education Materials for Agricultural Workers, and Interpersonal Isolation on Mental Health in Rural and Agricultural Communities. She recently served as an Extension New Technologies for Agriculture in Extension (NTAE) Fellows to assist with program evaluation of the North Central Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Center initiative (NCFRSACi) in Missouri. Karen serves as the national lead for the Agricultural Safety and Health Extension Community of Practice (CoP) and, on various multi-state and national interdisciplinary teams, boards, councils, committees, and organizations that promote injury prevention and cultivates health strategies to safely improve the lives of rural communities. She is active with the International Society of Agricultural Safety and Health (ISASH) board of directors, NORA Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Sector Council, National Center for Farmworker Health Advisory Committee, External Advisory Committees for the Great Plains Center for Agriculture Health and Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health, and Missouri Show Me Farm Safety Committee and is an active member of NCERA 197, ASABE, Epsilon Sigma Phi, UMEA, MAEP, NACAA, NARMH, and ARHP professional organizations.

Karen can be reached via email at

Credit for author and publication images: University of Missouri


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