Using Digital Dashboards to Implement and Evaluate Programs

The multi-disciplinary team approach is a critical design element that allows MU Extension to connect mental health and behavioral health expertise with farmers and their allies who have a high level of hesitancy towards receiving these services. These experts are uniquely positioned to help because they are well established and familiar with serving rural communities.

While providing a suite of mental and behavioral health services is an effective method to address the

needs of unique participants, it creates a complex system to document and evaluate as external evaluators.

Concurrent with program delivery across disciplines, the complexity of the process includes:

 Reporting on the delivery of multiple mental and behavioral health programs;

 Coordinating data collection with a large multi-disciplinary team of certified instructors;

 Collaborating and supporting instruction and instructors dispersed geographically across the state of Missouri; and

 Utilizing a large number of data and digital platforms to coordinate data collection and expand access to the tools and resources for program implementation.


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