Extension's National Framework for Health Equity

1.5 Appoint and resource a national Cooperative Extension health equity task force with diverse representation (including 4-H) to identify nationally applicable goals for advancing health equity.

1.5.1 Conduct a national audit of Cooperative Extension’s professional capacities in health equity.

1.5.2 Encourage the creation of local and institutional equity action plans (informed by frameworks such as R4P) which communicate strategies and tactics for achieving equity goals.

1.5.3 Establish monitoring and evaluation standards that support consistent measurement of reductions in health inequities.

1.6 Reinforce a system-wide commitment to equity from the top down through accessibility statements, land acknowledgments, and statements acknowledging Cooperative Extension’s current and historical harms and the steps taken to address them.

1.7 Establish and strengthen relationships between Extension program areas to advance health as an Extension-wide priority

Recommendation 2:

Utilize community assessment processes that integrate data science and resident voice to identify and address health inequities with greater precision.

2.1 Establish and expand upon data sharing agreements so that Cooperative Extension may access the demographic and health outcome information needed to accurately apply resources and develop programs.

2.2 Utilize existing frameworks from the field of implementation science (such as RE-AIM and Adaptome) to ensure a balance between program fidelity and contextual adaptations needed to ensure real-world effectiveness.

2.3 Include a discussion of the social determinants of health in Cooperative Extension publications and programs historically focused on individual behavior change.

Recommendation 3:

Invest in the success and visibility of Extension’s health -related professionals, programs, and initiatives.

3.1 Increase the number of Extension positions explicitly focused on health and well-being in as many states as possible.

3.2 Develop strategies for increasing funding for Cooperative Extension’s health -related work at the local, state, tribal, and federal level.


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