Navigating the Grocery Store Aisle

GMOs warranted their own project because they are something to be more concerned about. So we set the following goals, objectives, and desired behavior changes for our game:

Goals Clarify consumers’ common misconceptions about “non - GMO,” “natural,” and “organic” food labels.

Empower consumers to make confident grocery shopping decisions based on their needs.

Objectives 1. Consumers will gain knowledge about food marketing labels and their meanings and develop more confidence in their choices at the grocery store.

2. Consumers will lear n to interpret the “non - GMO,” “organic,” and “natural” food labels.

3. Consumers will understand the definition of a GMO, which will reduce their uncertainty surrounding GMO terms (GMO, genetically engineered, and bioengineered).

4. Consumers will understand the “organic” label and what it means about the product.

5. Consumers will understand the “natural” label and what it means about the product.

6. We will connect with our audience and establish trust and rapport for university and science- based resources.

Desired Behavior Changes Consumers know what is important to them and their families when they choose food.

Consumers know where and how they can check some food marketing label information.

Consumers understand that labels are helpful, but brands have the ir own agenda, which isn’t always in the consumer’s best interest.

Part 2: Developing, Testing and Deploying Our Game

From October 2020 through April 2021, we gathered the research and food label messaging content that would inform our game, identified our audience, got feedback from Extension colleagues, and built and piloted our game.


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