Navigating the Grocery Store Aisle

In particular, many team discussions involving game content, format, and audiences led to a well- thought-out game once we had final talks with NMSU, leading to the final game product. This process of reflection led to building trust, and commitment to the project within our team. It also increased team members ’ satisfaction with the process itself — as each member felt supported and heard in making the decisions to lead to the outcome. The Extension Foundation team that helped guide our team through this process was continually positive about encouraged our journey. Their method of allowing for this reflection time on a regular and consistent basis made all the difference in how we perceived our journey and helped us reach our outcomes. Resources from our NTAE Team Our teams at UConn and NMSU have created resources throughout our year-long project that we are excited to share with other Extension professionals. Our goal is to demystify food marketing labels for consumers and provide resources that Extension educators can use in their programming and educational outreach. The Unpeeled game is available at, and all related information and resources we develop are available at We invite you to use these resources as appropriate with your program — our only request is that you credit the UConn and NMSU teams for our work developing them. Project Sustainabi l ity and Future Partnering with the Learning Games Lab at NMSU ensures access to the game after the close of this project. With the implementation of a pilot phase and feedback-guided revisions, we anticipate this game will have a wide implementation across the nation. The UConn team is committed to continuing to promote this game and other resources in our ongoing effort to promote awareness of food marketing labels. We completed a vision-casting exercise with the Extension Foundation where we focused on our goal for the project in one year. Our team prioritized marketing the project as our top priority. Based on the success of “Navigating the Grocery Store Aisle: Understanding Non-GMO and Other Food Labels, ” the team is pursuing additional funding for future commodity-specific games and a full game buildout. In addition, the team is seeking additional funding to expand the development of educational resources to include 4-H youth in the development of other biotechnology games.


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