Extension Climate/Extreme Weather Programming

Figure 2. Project Drawdown’s framework of climate solutions. We categorized Extension’s climate and extreme weather programs according to these types of solutions. *Project Drawdown’s Health & Education sub-category refers to family planning as well as educating women and girls, topics which are outside the scope of our climate and extreme weather Extension programming inventory.

Project Drawdown documents three overarching categories of climate solutions that are intended to draw down GHGs in ways that are as safe, fast, and equitable as possible (Wilkinson, 2020). This framework of solutions to global warming includes 1) reduce sources, which refers to practices and technologies that bring GHG emissions to zero; 2) support sinks, which means enhancing nature’s carbon cycle; and 3) Improve society, which means promoting equality, generally through policies and practices that promote health and education. We applied these high-level categories to Extension programming and solution sub-categories as depicted in Figure 2. We categorized Extension programs with Project Drawdown’s framework to quantify how many existing programs focus on diverse types of climate solutions.


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