Extension Climate/Extreme Weather Programming

Qualitative Results: Interview Themes & Insights This section summarizes common themes that emerged from the interview transcript synthesis and analysis. We present the major themes followed by interview excerpts that exemplify and provide evidence supporting each theme or topical area. While interview themes are organized by affinity, the degree to which respondents’ perspectives converge or diverge varies across thematic areas (whereby ‘R’ and the number corresponds to our respondent with n=16). Where apparent and notable from the range of insights shared within major themes, we speak to this degree of variability (divergence) or consensus (convergence). Collectively, the qualitative interviews revealed a group of Extension C/EW program innovators and early adopters with a remarkably diverse set of experiences, perspectives, and wisdom to share. Interview findings speak to and are organized within six overarching thematic areas: 1. Extension Roles & Leadership Styles : What are common characteristics and leadership traits of early adopters who have demonstrated success with C/EW Extension programming? 2. Program Strategy & Structure : What are the program development and delivery attributes that define ‘successful’ C/EW programs? 3. Products, Tools, Target Outcomes & Impacts : What services are provided and how/in what ways are they most salient and valuable for Extension clientele? 4. External Constraints : What factors and circumstances outside of Extension’s direct influence hinder or limit the reach and effectiveness of our C/EW initiatives? 5. CES Institutional Challenges : Reflecting on our internal strengths and weaknesses, where and how have Extension institutional structures and incentives challenged early adopters and innovators with respect to the scope and scale of their C/EW programming? 6. Opportunities Moving Forward : What programmatic, technical, and competency gaps are evident among the current suite of C/EW Extension programs offered, and what do these suggest in terms of continued CES leadership and opportunities to leverage C/EW resources moving forward?


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