Extension Climate/Extreme Weather Programming

effect. And I just couldn't move him off that point. But we worked together ...ultimately, we developed the content, but he was, you know, just a little grouchy about it.” (R06) ● “There were a lot of folks in Extension who maybe didn't agree with the climate science .” (R13)

Opportunities Moving Forward Doing More & Being “Brave” Leaders

Are we doing enough today? Could and should we be doing more climate and extreme-weather programming? There was broad consensus among interview respondents that collectively, CES could and should be doing more in this arena. They felt that there are many and varied opportunities for Extension to do more and to step up our role as “brave” visionaries and leaders in promoting climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. ● “I think we should be doing more... We have a lot of nimbleness within our county or within our state, but Extension nationally feels kind of clunky to me . I don't know how we organize and how we do that, but I would love to see Extension do more .” (R09) ● “ I think we have a great opportunity to do more . I think it would take leadership from the national level and the state level … There has been a ton of research on communication and how to frame climate change, and I just think it would take not being afraid to go out and frame it in terms of extreme weather events . And talk to farmers, and when they come to you and ask about drought or heavy rainfall or heavy snowfall, and making that connection that they’re going to be seeing this more and more and it’s a good idea to be planning for it.” (R11) ● “ Extension needs to do more. They really need to do more. You need that brave leadership . You need people who are going to figure out how to walk across the aisle.” (R13) ● “ Another opportunity is working with the choir . So, you know, sometimes we get accused of just preaching to the choir, but I think there's a role in inspiring the choir by keeping them up to date on the latest science and ...with success stories that we might be hearing from other parts of the country that might inspire them.” (R06) ● “I mean, some kids are waking up to that [agricultural systems’ role in

consumption of planetary resources] and it's going to take courageous Extension professionals to face that very strong direction that our country and our world and agricultural systems have been headed for so, so

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