Extension Climate/Extreme Weather Programming

17. National educational curricula should be investigated across program areas. Content experts could work with communications specialists to design and implement programs that are multi- disciplinary and comprehensive within and between programs. 18. Professional development focusing on core competencies should be developed and implemented on a wide scale. Future funding could target more detailed analysis of potential synergies between the various programs identified in our inventory and seek to create best practices to identify and guide professional development core competencies. 19. The recommendations of the previous Summits (the 2013 The Role of Extension in Climate Adaptation in the United States Summit and 2015 UC Davis Summit) have been largely unexecuted, unfulfilled, or ignored. It appears that recommendations will only be pursued when financial, institutional and administrative commitments align; guidance exists through these previous and our current recommendations. 20. Climate change programming is not prominently featured on most Extension website interfaces, particularly on Extension homepages. If there is a program, it is often ensconced within another program area and difficult to locate without a targeted search. Cross program marketing is rare and could be further expanded and emphasized via these website interfaces. 21. Comparing existing Extension programs with the Drawdown framework points to additional opportunities. Extension climate and extreme weather programs focus on a small subset of solutions, generally related to food, agriculture and land use. An opportunity exists to broaden climate and extreme weather program design and implementation and evaluation and outcome standards to include more types of climate solutions. Also, adaptation and particularly mitigation could be incorporated more clearly into program planning and implementation, which could point to more ways to directly reduce the concentration of GHGs in the atmosphere.


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