Collaborative Design in Extension- Using a Modified Game J…

Part 4: Case Study of Unpeeled In a week-long game jam and a few hours of follow- up work, the team designed “Unpeeled: The Case Files of Maya McCluen.” This game prototype teaches consumers about food marketing labels, mainly non -GMO labels. The intended game audiences are mothers and primary grocery shoppers who may be overspending money on food with non-GMO and other food marketing labels. Schedule The modified game jam occurred during a week-long, online format over Zoom. To avoid day-long Zoom fatigue, the team agreed that they would devote most of the days of the full week to activities for development on the project and meet one or two times as a large group each day. There were two kinds of meetings: large meetings with the entire team of designers and content experts and small meetings solely with designers. While the main meetings were held over Zoom, participants also interacted through chat software (e.g. Basecamp) and collaborated online in documents (e.g. Google Drive, Google Docs) to refine ideas during the week. This format could be replicated for in-person projects, depending on team preferences and needs. The larger team participated in all five proposed activities throughout the week: engaging in the design process, deciding what the final deliverables would be, producing the prototype, gathering feedback, and polishing and refining the prototype. They were spread throughout the initial week and post-jam activities.

Table 1. Game Jam Schedule






Post Jam

Activity 1 Engage in design process Activity 2 Decide on final deliverables from Jam

Activity 3 Produce deliverables

Activity 4 Gather feedback

Activity 5 Polish and refine

Content Immersion

Idea • Game

Production • Script

Production • Script

Playable prototype • Discussion • Feedback • List of changes

Post Jam • List of changes • User testing findings • Future steps

• Problem • Audience • Objectives Transforma- tional Design Model • Changes • Activities • Game ideas

premise • Expected outcomes • Script • Sketches • Mood board Pitch • Presentation • Feedback

improvement • Art assets • Programming

improvement • Art assets • Programming

Follow-up plans • User

testing plan

• Future steps


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