NTAE: "Leveling Up" - NMSU Learning Games Lab Feature Story

Food safety game reboot is more tech-modern, inclusive, & accessible. L e v e l i n g UP Foodborne illness is no game. But when it comes to food safety, game-based learning might be the best way to help youth learn how to keep themselves and others safe. A recent study (Syeda et al. 2021) showed that youth prefer to learn about food safety topics through interactive educational tools. Enter “Theme Park KITCHEN,” a food safety game for youth created by a team from the New Mexico State University Learning Games Lab (NMSU LGL). In the game, players engage in different themed kitchens to serve delicious and safe meals to clients. It’s a redesign of “Ninja Kitchen,” a game launched in 2011 to teach kids food handling skills. This new game, one of several food-related projects funded by the New Technologies in Ag Extension (NTAE) 2022-2023 grant program, is part of a growing trend in Extension: using multimedia products to educate and engage diverse audiences. ➤

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