Ecosystem Services in Working Lands: US Northeast

these programs were available primarily through the federal government, with significantly fewer being offered at the state level. New frontiers: carbon sequestration

Last, among the programs for producers in the farming, food, and ecosystem category, there are a number of programs that represent an emerging industry centered on the ecosystem services of regulating the climate. These include carbon credit and sequestration programs; although it should be noted that the amount of money available often depends on the total amount of acreage a producer can enroll, which can favor large-scale producers over small-scale producers. Still, there are a number of relevant programs, including the TRU Carbon Carbon Credit Program, the Yara Agoro Carbon Alliance, the Farmer Business Network Gradable Carbon and the Grassroots Carbon Carbon Credit Program. 4.2.2 Programs for Supporting Institutions In addition to the programs available for producers and businesses, the farming, agriculture, and food category also contained a number of incentive programs for supporting institutions (n=55, Figure 8). Among these were a variety of programs available to government agencies and organizations at various scales, from the state, county, and municipal levels. This group also contained programs for schools and Conservation Districts (CD), which will be reviewed in further detail below.


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