Ecosystem Services in Working Lands: US Northeast

• The Rural Maryland Prosperity Investment Fund (RMPIF) provides funding to raise the overall standard of living in rural areas and support sustainable rural development objectives.


4.6.1 Areas of regional significance This section summarizes programs that cross multiple state boundaries, with focus on food production, watershed improvements, and technical assistance/job training. Each value and color gradient in the maps signifies the number of times a state was identified as part of a multi-state program and does not represent frequencies of programs between neighboring states. Programs for food production

Across programs evaluated for this database, the greatest number of multistate, regional programs support the production of food and feed (n=24 total, Figure 14 and Table 7). Most of these programs are based in New England, with slightly more programs in southern New England (Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island) than northern New England states (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont).

Figure 14. Multistate programs that support the production of food and feed, with the greatest concentration in southern and central New England.


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