* Note: Structural racism includes history, culture, interacting institutions and policies, and racial ideology –– for example: common norms and myths, popular cultural images and stereotypes, the compounding effects of other institutions, etc.

Copyright: Racial Justice Leadership, by Terry Keleher, Race Forward URL: http://raceforward.org/

DEI Awareness Checklist

A resource/checklist curated by Shatomi Luster-Edward for Extension Foundation outlining the importance of DEI awareness.

☐ Gender Awareness ☐ Geographical Location ☐ Race

☐ Ethnicity ☐ Language ☐ Culture ☐ Gender Identity

☐ Developmental and Acquired Disabilities ☐ Faith-based beliefs (religions or spiritual) ☐ Sexual Orientation ☐ Socio-economic Status ☐ Variability in Language Skills and/or Reading Level ☐ Program Implementation: Braille, Large Print, Sound/Audio, and Translations ☐ ADA Compliance

Compiled from US Department of Health and Human Services resources.

Incorporating DEI in Your Grant-Making Process

This Medium piece provides tips and best practices for incorporating DEI in grant-making. URL: https://medium.com/dei-in-grant-making/incorporating-diversity-equity-and-inclusion-in-your-grant- making-process-a-checklist-of-ee73992c93de


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