making, in job decisions, in how we teach children – to name a few. URL: http://healourcommunities.org/

Our Role and Responsibility Towards Social Justice

People of color have been historically marginalized and stripped of equitable access to education throughout this country — which is a form of social injustice. Social injustice describes societal inequities that marginalize groups by diminishing access to quality education and other human rights. One way that Extension can be a catalyst to minimizing social injustice is to become more aware of societal disparities. There are also programmatic considerations that can help foster social justice. One such consideration is to increase programs that enhance social capital, as they can serve as a conduit of social justice.

Maryland 4-H Issue Forum

Maryland 4-H hosts Issue Forums to intentionally focus on addressing areas of social injustice within communities, the country, and the world. The purpose of these forums is to bring an engaged group of youth, community members, and educators together to deliberate about an important community issue with the help of facilitators who provide factual background and guide the conversation. Program Goals: • Gather a group of engaged y outh and adults to discuss a community issue • Increase understanding of Injustice (global – state – Local) • Develop a greater advocacy in Maryland • Develop a cohort of young activists who are engaged in community and civic engagement • Identify strategie s to address the issue This 3-day event is divided into 3 distinct segments: 1. FRAMING: Framing the social justice issue & team building 2. DISCOVERY: Engagement in action research/service project/hands-on learning 3. ACTION: Developing community action plans

Institution: Maryland 4-H URL: https://extension.umd.edu/4-h/youth-families/2018-md-4-h-issue-forum

Agribusiness Small Farm Diversity

Equality for all opportunities for small farmers

Institution: Kentucky State University Cooperative Extension URL: https://kysu.edu/academics/cafsss/cooperative-extension/


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