How Can You Use This Publ ication to Promote DEI?

You may want to get ideas for a program that you are starting or implementing. Or you may want to know what is being done in the Extension DEI program area. In either case, you have come to the right place! This publication is designed to give you quick access to information, experts, training, and resources that can help you develop or conceptualize your program. Not involved in a program yet? This publication will give you an excellent foundation for understanding the topic, and perhaps inspiring you to start a program.

This publication includes a wealth of resources, curated from a range of organizations. We suggest resources in each section of the publication, and provide a complete list of those referenced in the Resources section.

This First Edition publication for the Extension Foundation Impact Collaborative Summit of April 2019 was designed to support IC Summit participants and is intended to be a tool that can provide a bridge of information through program development and evaluation. A second edition of this publication was developed in preparation for the October 2019 Impact Collaborative Summit.

Be part of the collective wisdom of this community in promoting DEI!


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