Join Us on the Path: The Engagement Hub

Embracing Our Responsibility

As the state’s largest public university, UNH— through its strategic “Embrace NH” initiative — is collaborating with several partners to develop The Engagement Hub, UNH Extension and Outreach & Engagement’s contribution to the effort to enrich scholarship, enhance curriculum, and prepare educated, engaged citizens. The Engagement Hub will dynamically connect multiple partners on a single platform, leading students, educators, professionals, community members, and lifelong learners along a path that considers the individual at every step of their UNH journey. For example, it will guide youth along a pathway from elementary school to higher education to the workforce. It will steer educators and school administrators to opportunities to expand their skills in response to their students ’ changing needs. The Engagement Hub will help learners of all ages gravitate to programs that are personally relevant and have the potential to improve, support, and guide them through their education and into a fulfilling career. By supporting the ongoing learning of primary and secondary educators through professional development that meets their needs, UNH can engrain itself deeply into its local communities.

Planned Outcomes

The Engagement Hub is in the early stages of development and has a high potential for making significant local and statewide impact. In addition to reaching new student populations, the short-term goal is to strengthen the way youth, families, and educators become aware of and connect with UNH opportunities for learning. In the medium term, the UNH Extension team expects to use the Hub to further define learning pathways that give K-12 students and educators a logical, cohesive, and applicable route to meet their goals for professional or lifelong development. Artificial intelligence tools, for example, will personalize a student’s journey and give learners of all ages and from all parts of the state access to flexible and individually curated content. The team is creating learner personas, like the one below, to help develop this customized learning experience.

Possible Targeted Educational Pathways

Sample User

User Persona Profile

Over age 25, possibly with dependents

Custom training/professional development Professional skills certificates Micro-credentials and digital badges

Attends school part time and works full time

 Needs flexible schedule and ability to take classes online and on weekends or during the evening

Nontraditional student

Typically has some work experience

Wants value and job security


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