National Extension Tourism (NET): 2021 Conf. Proceedings

What GORP Achieves

The GORP Program provides recognition of knowledge and experience and provides awareness of international best practices, knowledge of the tourism industry and value-added skills and knowledge related to the local area, history, and managing your business by certifying individuals. Companies may advertise and market the fact that their guides have GORP Certification but the GORP program does not currently recognize businesses as it is focused on individual guides. For aspiring guides, the GORP program gives a great foundation for future business and provides knowledge of a wide range of topics and industry organizations, as well as international best practices, which can raise the value of guiding services. Businesses, such as a tourist destination, can use this program to educate their own employees, or be recognized for using GORP certified program guides as part of better business practices and services. GORP content provides a broad range of knowledge and skills including: • ATTA International Best Practices (Guide Standard) • Identification of 101 species of plants and animals • Knowledge of region-specific history, culture, events, and natural features • Natural resource agencies, tourism organizations, and economic impacts of travel and tourism • Providing quality customer services to meet client needs (group management, customer service) • Strengthen sustainability through interpretive communication skills to help deepen client’s appreciation and care for the region (personal interpretation skills, knowledge of regional plants and animals) • Marketing, adaptable services, safety, and more

Outcomes & Updates:

As of early fall 2021: Approximately 200 people have participated in the program, many of whom run their own guide business.

2021 NET Conference Proceedings


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