National Extension Tourism (NET): 2021 Conf. Proceedings

regional- specific opportunities, in Ohio’s case that included Ohio’s Appalachian Country and the Governor’s Office of Appalachia . Extension also worked to develop a byway video. The educator assisted in script writing, providing guidance on areas for video capture and coordination of video development with a professional consultant. The sample video is online at: Awards also provide an opportunity to promote a byway. Example awards garnered by the Ohio byway include national and regional awards that focus on tourism and economic development. The sample grant program presented included a Toyota Love Our Byways Grant offered through the National Scenic Byways Foundation for a 2021 Byway Beautification project along the Appalachian byway. NEXT STEPS Now that the Ohio byway has been extended and initially marketed, Extension is planning a series of Lunch & Learns on the value of tourism for local and regional leaders. They also need to enhance electric car charging stations along the 102+ mile byway as none currently exist. Additional Byway expansion research is also planned to enable visitors to make a fu ll “loop” from the Appalachian Byway to the Ohio River Scenic Byway. Extension also hopes to include further efforts on interpretation of the Byway and its story. The National Association for Interpretation defines interpretation as “a mission -based communication process that forges emotional and intellectual connections between the interest of the audience and the meaning inherent in the resources.” “Through interpretation understanding, through understanding, appreciation, through appreciation, protection.” ~ Freeman Tildan. John Ververka says without interpretation, a byway is just another “pretty road.”

(NSBF Organizing Places and Stories Fact Sheet) Keywords Tourism, Scenic Byways, Appalachia


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2021 NET Conference Proceedings


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