National Extension Tourism (NET): 2021 Conf. Proceedings

Table 1. Behavior questions were set up in a 5-point Likert-style question table. Actions related to shorebird disturbance were analyzed for change in participant self-reported behavior and intent to change behavior before and after the CARE course. Action Pre Post Chan ge Suggested replacement question

1. lead tours or groups to areas with nesting shorebirds 2. lead tours or groups to areas with feeding or roosting shorebirds 3. when guests are exploring on their own, provide guidance about places they should or should not go 4. allow guests to bring dogs on tours 5. I bring my own dog on tours




When I take my guests to areas where there are nesting shorebirds, we stay below the high tide line. When I take guests to areas with feeding and roosting birds we avoid walking through the flocks.
















*answers of “unknown” were counted as 0% for the sake of analysis.

Knowledge gain

Knowledge gain was measured via 14 knowledge questions in the pre- and post- course assessment based on each of the four course units. For analysis purposes, scores were compared from 12 participants who completed both

2021 NET Conference Proceedings


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