Using Digital Dashboards to Implement and Evaluate Programs


One of the primary objectives for the program was to provide solutions to complex evaluation processes that

support program implementation and project management across several disciplines, and to support the

unique needs of each instructor.

In developing this process , the team focused efforts on building and supporting trust and transparency

amongst a large multiple disciplinary team which involved nearly 50 individuals within the University of

Missouri System (UM System). After a discovery period of active listening the evaluation team identified

bottlenecks in the workflow processes. In response, the team created a workflow and data management

process that centralized the points of access to digital platforms. This strategy helped the team better

understand how to improve data tracking for reporting deliverables, eased the challenge of fiscal

reconciliation across the UM System and improved data collection methods and reporting process.

DotDigital is a digital marketing and communication tool available at the University of Missouri; it was

utilized to create digital dashboards to support the program. However, Google Docs and Microsoft Suite tools

could be used to create a digital dashboard. DotDigital worked well for the program because it is simple to

use, and easy to customize to meet the needs of the entire team, eliminating the need to rely on the

Information Technology department or a webmaster to modify the dashboard. The key components of the

dashboard are illustrated in Figure 6 and the design principles utilized throughout the development process

are highlighted below.

Figure 6. Farm Stress Dashboard (DotDigital Creator View)


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