Using Digital Dashboards to Implement and Evaluate Programs

Part Three – The Digital Dashboard: DotDigital

This section provides information about the digital dashboard we created using DotDigital. This dashboard

provided a responsive program evaluation approach that helped with program implementation and



1. Process Evaluation is collected via the Master Schedule and Qualtrics Survey Collection . The program improvement approach relies on the continuous monitoring, tracking, and evaluation of

ongoing mental health programming, participant demographics, and program feedback which allows

for a more robust evaluation beyond the end of the program summary report.

2. Context Evaluation brings together multiple dashboard components linked directly to discipline

specific processes. In addition to providing information that is easy to share with stakeholders, the

approach provides timely feedback about needs, resource allocation, program improvements,

improved communication and collaboration, and program outcomes.

3. Product Evaluation dashboard elements identify data touchpoints using multiple digital platforms where data collection occurs . This approach provides for ongoing programmatic evaluation, reduces

the cost of evaluation and allows the team to better capture the most meaningful impacts and


4. Input Evaluation is captured by centralizing program resources and tools allowing the larger team

to identify gaps and additional needs to be addressed both geographically and programmatically .

This is a systematic approach that ensures the evaluation focuses on identifying key issues and

questions to be addressed with stakeholders and implementing strategies that best serve rural and

agricultural communities.

The continuous improvement model necessitated a responsive program evaluation approach, resulting in the

creation of a digital dashboard for comprehensive program implementation and improvement, allowing

instructors to identify and serve unmet mental health needs in communities. Using a digital dashboard

streamlined program implementation processes, data collection, and access to information and materials

necessary to assure successful program delivery.


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