Extension's National Framework for Health Equity

3.3 Provide professional development on core concepts of health Extension including appropriate and responsible use of data, strategies for engaging resident voice, equity and justice, intersecting identities, the power of bias, social determinants of health and Extension’s role in addressing them, coalition building, and translational science tools and proficiencies.

3.4 Encourage and reward the work of Extension professionals who engage in focused activities to address health inequities experienced by specific communities and groups.


Provide support for the National Health Outreach Conference.

Recommendation 4:

Establish partnerships with academic units, government agencies, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and foundations that share a commitment to reducing or eliminating health inequities.

4.1 Establish and strengthen partnerships with academic medical centers and various health science colleges such as public health, nursing, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, dentistry, and social work. 4.2 Establish and strengthen relationships between LGUs to share expertise, leverage limited resources, and build multistate strategies to advance health equity, precision health practices, consideration of the social determinants of health, and work through community coalitions.

4.3 Establish and strengthen relationships with external partners to foster interdisciplinary and collaborative health-related research, teaching and community engagement.

Recommendation 5:

Utilize a community development approach to advance the work of coalitions focused on influencing the social determinants of health.

5.1 Capitalize on the experience of Extension professionals and land grant institutions that have historically accomplished work through community coalitions.

5.2 Build an Extension workforce that is comfortable stepping away from an expert-model of program delivery to one where Extension professionals are also comfortable engaging with the community as equal partners.


Adapt position descriptions to attract individuals with expertise in community development and organizing.

5.2.2 Revise annual review processes to give value to Extension work that goes beyond the delivery of discreet educational products.

5.2.3 Update and improve Extension onboarding activities and materials to demonstrate leadership’s valuation of community development competency.


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