Prescribed Fire Education & Training

their discretion. Granted, not all private land is adjacent to public, and not all public agencies will interpret the Wyden this way. But now that one has — and succeeded with it — perhaps more will. Also, this would not have happened but for the cross-boundary, landscape-scale efforts (Extension Fire Program Phase 3) going on in Klamath and Lake SURVEY We Want to Hear From You What agreements or MOUs have you used to get cross- boundary prescribed fire work done across large landscapes?

Part 5: Measuring Success

The use of prescribed fire is just part of a larger strategy to create resilient landscapes and communities. With the ability to deliver science-based education and knowledge to a broad audience and specific communities, Extension can play a lead role in offering prescribed fire education and training. The acres needed for restorative treatment are so large, a cross-boundary, landscape-scale approach is imperative. Working in partnership with other organizations, agencies, Tribal Nations, and National Extension is key to these efforts.

Ultimately, the measure of the success of our prescribed fire education and training will be

acceptance and cross-boundary use of prescribed fire;

improved landscape resilience to disturbance;

communities less vulnerable to wildfire; and

funding and technical support.

We hope this document is useful to you as you think about your relationship with prescribed fire and its use in your state.


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