Teaching Youth Food Safety: A Game-Based Learning Experience


Matheus Cezarotto, PhD

Pamela Martinez, PhD

Pamela N. Martinez is an Assistant Professor and Learning Technologies Specialist with New Mexico State University’s Innovative Media Research and Extension Department, and its Learning Games Lab. Dr. Martinez oversees product development and assessment for grant-funded research projects. She has over 25 years’ experience creating educational media and games and research strengths in diversity, equity, and inclusion, making sure all audiences are represented in developed media and have access to appropriate learning tools.

Matheus Cezarotto is an assistant professor on the Innovative Media Research and Extension team at New Mexico State University. Dr. Cezarotto provides inclusive design expertise for the team’s educational technology products, which include learning games, animations, and virtual labs, and researches how these affordances support learning. His published work focuses on educational media design, investigating and developing effective research- based learning technology tools.

Barbara Chamberlin, PhD

Barbara Chamberlin has been developing educational games, media, and interactive programs with Extension for almost 30 years. She leads instructional design of digital tools in the department, working with the amazing programmers, artists and designers on the team and collaborating with content experts at universities throughout the United States. Her areas of research include user testing, and the processes behind developing educational media. She oversees research and development in the Learning Games Lab, and developed the game models used in design at the Lab.


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